About us

Who we are

MKBOLT (PTY) Ltd is a 100% small black woman-owned business established in 2013 by Nomkhosi Thinyane, a young female entrepreneur.

A bit of our history

After identifying a unique opportunity to enter a high growth potential industry with greater possibility for exponential growth and success, Nomkhosi knew the intent and desire of her entrepreneurial spirit is to penetrate the transportation and tyres industry to service both the private and public sector through value-add and cost reduction opportunities.

The entrepreneur focus is to adequately meet client’s requirements to the highest ability and to provide the best quality required through cost-effective product delivery methodologies. Business acumen is one of the driving pillars that contributed to the formation of the business. Nomkhosi has successfully operated her own businesses as well as family owned businesses which contributed to the acquisition and augmentation of business skills and knowledge.

Our mission

➢ MKBOLT (PTY) Ltd aims to deliver the desired service quality to clients in order to remain a relevant service provider;
➢ Aim to build a strong brand that will help us to keep evolving clients’ needs with absolute integrity, efficiency and professionalism;
➢ Strive to build reciprocal beneficial business relations.

Our Visionary Goals

➢ To be a supplier of choice recognized as a value creator and business operator;
➢ Create employment and alleviate poverty.

Core Values

➢ Integrity, Quality service, Creativity, Safety, Social responsibility

Products and services

➢ Transportation and tyre services and suppliers

Service Target Market

Our service target market is broad-based to an extent that we intend to cover most industries in the South African economic context Manufacturing, Mining; Construction; Industrial; Agricultural; Domestic; Transportation Public Sector

Key Company Details

➢ BEE Status: Level 1 (Black Woman Owned)
➢ Workforce: 12 employees
➢ Import Permits

Corporate Responsibility:

➢ Commitment to employment and training of local staff in order to improve quality of life.
➢ We intend to provide monetary and non-monetary assistance to Small Business Enterprises and previously disadvantaged Entrepreneurs.
➢ Job creation to alleviate poverty
➢ Women empowerment